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Your intuition has been the driving force through your wild pregnancy and will be your true guide during birth. As your birthkeeper, I value your intuition over anything else. If there was just one tool needed at any birth, it would be the mother’s intuition, and the witness’s ability to trust. Your intuition will know better than anyone what you need to safely birth your baby into the world.


As the mother, you have the sole authority of your pregnancy and birth. You are the sovereign lighthouse for your baby’s journey earthside. Your sovereignty is of the utmost importance and my job as your birthkeeper is to facilitate the space you’re in to respect it. No one tells you what to do or gets in the way of your physiological and instinctual responses.


Pregnancy, birth and motherhood is primal. You have an inherent and innate ability to birth your baby into the world, on your own terms. Your body is mystical and sacred. It knows how to bring your baby into the world, just as it knows how to create, grow and nourish them. It is my strong belief that all mothers have deep and primal knowledge of how to give birth.

"We don't lack caregivers, we lack deeply connected women who can hold space, accompany and not interfere."

Whapio Bartlett
Founder of The Matrona

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Laura Ellen Smith - Mothers of Gaia Birthkeeping - Birth Doula, Postpartum, Coaching

What is a quantum birthkeeper?

A Quantum Birthkeeper is more than a doula. A Birthkeeper is a woman who walks with women in pregnancy, birth, and beyond; bearing witness to their autonomy and trusting in their intuition. A Quantum Birthkeeper is a deeply aligned woman who serves women with intention and consciousness. Her aim is to build soul-level connections with the women and families she serves. A Quantum Birthkeeper has patience and infinite trust in the birthing mother’s innate, instinctual and ancestral abilities to bring her baby earthside. She believes in the sacred wisdom of physiological birth and the mystical power of the undisturbed birth. A birthkeeper is not a medical professional and does not make decisions for the mother in labor, birth or the immediate postpartum.

What do my Quantum Birthkeeping services include?

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My services are offered on a sliding scale so that I can support all women. Some ways to self-identify yourself are listed below, please pay as you see fit. The top scale represents the true value of my services, in the absence of a sliding scale. For more information on a sliding scale, please visit A Quick Guide to the Sliding Scale (written by Worts and Cunning Apothecary)

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You might have some questions about birthkeeping...

Doulas are certified individuals who provide emotional and physical support for women in labor and birth. Doulas often attend medicalized births with Obstetricians or Licensed Midwives. Doulas help educate mothers and partners about the various types of monitoring, testing, and procedures a regulated care provider may request to perform. They then help the mother make informed decisions, as well as advocate for the mother.

Birthkeepers are educated women in all things physiological birth. Birthkeepers value and trust the mother’s intuition and sovereignty, over anything else. Birthkeepers often hold space for women in unassisted births, or “freebirths”. They too provide emotional and physical support for women in labor and birth. Birthkeepers respect a mother’s autonomy over her own body, baby, and birth process.

An unassisted birth, or a freebirth, is one in which licensed and medical care providers are not present at the birth. In an unassisted birth, a woman has full power over her body and her birth experience and she has made the educated decision to do it on her own, with the support of her birth team.
In the Prenatal Tea Dates, we have the opportunity to talk about anything you desire, regardless of its relation to pregnancy or birth. The intention behind Prenatal Tea Dates is to build connection, trust, and compassion with one another, so that when it comes time for birth, I already know how to best support you. After I serve some herbal tea, we have the opportunity to discuss various topics such as: creating your ideal birth vision, unpacking any fears or concerns related to birth, creating a game plan for how you would like to address potential complications, preparing for the postpartum, and more!
I value the importance of meeting in-person, in order to build a compassionate and trusting connection. These Tea Dates may take place in your home, in a coffee shop, at the park, in the library… wherever you feel comfortable! I attend births within 100 miles of Rollinsville, CO. If you are farther than 50miles away, I ask that we please meet somewhere in the middle for our meet-ups.

In the rare case in which a true emergency occurs, you will of course get the necessary help you feel you need. In our Prenatal Tea Date, we will have discussed how you would like to address potential complications should they occur – this might look like wanting to attempt a change in laboring positions, using homeopathy or herbal tinctures, and then if all else fails, you making the decision that you would like to either transfer or just have the EMT’s come assess the situation. I believe that when a true emergency is taking place, a mother will instinctively know something is wrong. I always listen to the mother and go with what she feels she wants or needs in any given moment. I do not argue against the mother’s wishes. I do not make decisions for the mother, and I do not perform any medical or life-saving procedures for her nor the baby/babies.

Each birthkeeper is different. As a birthkeeper, I attend births for no extra fee within 100 miles of my location. Please contact me if this would best suit you.

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Ultimate Guide to Sovereign Home Birth

In this guide we will go through palpable steps that will help you ground, trust, and flow with your body in birth.
In this guide we will go through palpable steps that will help you ground, trust, and flow with your body in birth. Download the Ultimate Guide to a Sovereign Home Birth and sign up for my newsletter to get more resources and tips on birth.

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