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As a postpartum mother you are allowed to...


As a freshly postpartum mom, rest is imperative for you and baby. Your body, mind and spirit just embarked on a transformational journey, and now is the time to integrate this experience. Your hormones are reregulating, you’re replenishing your blood supply, and the entire physical body is healing from the energy it recently exerted. Now is the time to rest, stay warm, and let the oxytocin flow from cuddles with your newborn.


Often overlooked in the postpartum, nourishment is a vital part of post-birth healing. By eating well, you’re supporting your body and hormones in returning to it’s healthy pre-pregnant state. Proper nourishment in the postpartum supports both you and your baby, by not leaving you feeling depleted after breastfeeding your newborn. Your body is truly magical, so help support it by allowing in proper nourishment for nutrient-dense foods.


Critical to both rest and nourishment, you deserve a community of support during pregnancy, birth and especially postpartum. We often hear “it takes a village to raise a child”, but it also takes a village to nourish the new (or new-again) mother. Whether you need some sleep, a warm bowl of stew, a hand cleaning the house, or even a woman to listen to your birth experience, accepting postpartum support is something you deserve.

“There is no end to postpartum - it simply means “after-childbirth”. It is never too late to receive nourishing postpartum care.”

- Laura Ellen Smith

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Laura Ellen Smith - Mothers of Gaia Birthkeeping - Birth Doula, Postpartum, Coaching
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What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula offers support to mothers of newborns who need help adjusting to life in the postpartum. A postpartum doula offers care that is unique and tailored to the mother’s individual needs. One mother might want help with cooking nourishing meals. Another mother might need a postpartum doula to care for her newborn while she showers and rests. Another mother may ask for support at night so she can get a full-night’s rest. As your postpartum doula, I can do tasks big or small that will help you feel nourished and supported.

Postpartum Doula Packages

Sacred Package


6 Weeks
2 Visits Per Week
2 Hour Visits
1 Grocery Trip Per Week

Nourished Package


4 Weeks
2 Visits Per Week
2 Hour Visits

A La Carte Services

I am available for hourly postpartum support in which I can offer any of the following services:

Sliding Scale

My hourly postpartum services are offered on a sliding scale so that I can support all women. Some ways to self-identify yourself are listed below, please pay as you see fit. The top scale represents the true value of my services, in the absence of a sliding scale. For more information on a sliding scale, please visit A Quick Guide to the Sliding Scale (written by Worts and Cunning Apothecary)

*Night-time postpartum doula services (10pm-8am) will cost an additional $5/hr to the postpartum service fee.

Sliding Scale Hourly Pricing

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


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Are you ready to feel rested, supported and nourished?

Laura Ellen Smith - Birthkeeping, Birth Doula Postpartum, Coaching


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You might have some questions about postpartum doula services...

Whenever you would like! Some mothers may find it more helpful to hire a postpartum doula the first few days after the baby is born, so they can better adjust to the new experience. While other mothers may find it more helpful a few weeks after the baby has been born, after the family and friends have stopped coming by to help out as much. Ultimately, it is never too soon after a birth or too late to hire a postpartum doula. Most importantly, hire a postpartum doula when the services will best serve you and your family.

In general, yoni steaming is an ancient practice traced back to traditions in Africa, Korea, Indigineous America, and India. It is a safe, warm, gentle, and healing practice in which medicinal herbs are placed in a pot and brewed on the stovetop for a few minutes. When ready, the woman places the pot in a steam sauna, or on the ground, so that she can sit/hover over it. This allows the steam to be absorbed through vaginal and uterine tissues. Yoni steaming has been proven to help aid in the healing of women’s reproductive concerns, balancing hormones, postpartum recovery, vaginal discomfort and more. There are many helpful resources out there explaining the positive effects of yoni steaming. Visit here for a comprehensive study done on postpartum steaming.

As a postpartum doula service, I can provide sessions for yoni steaming. I will bring the herbs and my handmade wooden steaming sauna*. Wearing a long skirt while steaming is recommended as it keeps the heat in, and provides you both comfort and privacy. As you enjoy your yoni steam, I can watch your newborn, prepare a nourishing meal for you, or share a cup of tea and enjoy sisterly time.

*Instead of a toxic wood stain, I have used food grade beeswax to protect my wooden sauna from water damage. I also only use organic and locally sourced herbs.

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