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Create Your Ideal Birth from a Place of Grounding and Intuition

As a pregnant mother you are...


There is a deep wisdom within you. All the wisdom of your ancestors are within you, helping you bring forth life. The connection you have to your wisdom, and your ability to trust it, has allowed you to consciously create the pregnancy and future birth of your dreams. The more you strengthen the connection with your wisdom in pregnancy, the more it will continue to serve you as a mother.


You and your baby are grounded and deeply connected with the Earth. When you ground yourself, you notice that you are intuitively connected with your baby and with your higher source. This groundedness has helped you to make conscious and informed decisions throughout your pregnancy, and will be there for you throughout motherhood. Feel into this place of grounding and let it guide you.


You are sacred. There is mystical intelligence inside of every one of yours and your baby’s cells. There is a sacred relationship between your body and your baby’s, in which it helps to nourish, grow, and birth your baby. Pregnancy and motherhood are truly sacred times in a woman’s life that should be honored by all. Take this time to bring back the self love for all that is sacred within you.

“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life”.

- Ina May Gaskin

I might be a good fit to support you as your holistic pregnancy coach if…

Laura Ellen Smith - Mothers of Gaia Birthkeeping - Birth Doula, Postpartum, Coaching
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What is a pregnancy coaching?

Pregnancy coaching and birthkeeping services are very alike. However, unlike a birthkeeper, a pregnancy coach does not attend the mother’s birth. A Holistic Pregnancy Coach guides a woman through a grounded and connected pregnancy, as well as prepares her for her desired birth experience. A pregnancy coach can support a woman in discovering the birth of her dreams, as well as empower her to reclaim her own sovereignty. As your holistic pregnancy coach, I can support you in getting clear on who you actually want in attendance of your birth, deepening your trust with your body’s wisdom, releasing unhelpful fears, dismantling pregnancy/birth myths, and finding a place of grounding. My goal, as your holistic pregnancy coach, is to leave you feeling trusting and confident in your body’s ability to birth your baby.

Holistic Pregnancy Coaching Packages

Intuitive Mother


5 Prenatal Calls
1 Postpartum Call
90 Minutes Each

Grounded Mother


3 Prenatal Calls
1 Postpartum Call
90 Minutes Each

Single Sessions


90 Minutes Each

We can go through any of the topics from my coaching packages or discuss specific topics that you would like guidance on.
*This is a general outline of each call’s discussion topics. If there is a topic you don’t want/need, or a topic you would like to specifically go over, I would be happy to tailor the calls to your desires. If you purchase a package and want to add additional calls then you will receive a discounted rate of $125 per session.

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Laura Ellen Smith - Holistic Pregnancy Coach


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You might have some questions about hiring a pregnancy coach...

Absolutely! If we are within reasonable driving distance from each other, and there is commute time available in my schedule, I am happy to meet in-person! Many of the women I coach are not local, therefore online coaching is necessary. In the case that you are local, these Tea Dates may take place in your home, in a coffee shop, at the park, in the library… wherever you feel comfortable!
Under the fee for pregnancy coaching, I will not attend your birth. If you are interested in me attending your birth, you may be interested in my Birthkeeping or Home Birth Doula Packages instead. I do travel to births on occasion and am open to attending births in the US, Mexico, or Central America for an additional fee. As part of the pregnancy coaching package, I will help you get clear on who you want in attendance at your birth, and can possibly recommend other birthkeepers in your area.
If you are interested in pregnancy coaching, but have found my services farther into your pregnancy, please contact me and we can work out a deal that is fair for us both! My intention is to be of service to women who ask for it, so I am certainly willing to work out a more suitable plan.

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Ultimate Guide to Sovereign Home Birth

In this guide we will go through palpable steps that will help you ground, trust, and flow with your body in birth.
In this guide we will go through palpable steps that will help you ground, trust, and flow with your body in birth. Download the Ultimate Guide to a Sovereign Home Birth and sign up for my newsletter to get more resources and tips on birth.

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