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Sister are you ready to ditch birth control and learn to read your body’s messages?

Fertility Awareness Method can provide you...


Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) can be used as contraception and has proven to be 99.6% effective! As your fertility awareness coach, we will learn to read your body’s unique signs so that you can accurately learn to track your fertility.


Some women may choose to use Fertility Awareness Method as a means of conception. FAM helps women discover their optimal fertile window and identify imbalances that may be interfering with pregnancy.


Regardless of if you want to use FAM as contraception or conception, this method will bring you into a deeper connection with your womanhood. Fertility Awareness Method brings you out of big pharma’s hands and into full sovereignty over your body.

"It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself... I found there were no roots more intimate then those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole"

- Rupi Kaur

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What is Fertility Awareness Method?

Fertility Awareness Method is a physiological based, natural form of birth control in which you track fertility signs such as cervical fluid, basal body temperature, and sometimes cervical position. It is 99.6% effective when used properly as contraception. That’s just as effective as the IUD! It is a valid and safe form of birth control that has NO side effects.

What do my Fertility Awareness Coaching services include?

What's Included

Fertility Awareness Education Package


The Fertility Awareness Education Package includes three 90 minutes sessions via Zoom. Additional follow up sessions and check ins can be added at $50/hour.

Fertility Awareness Sessions

Session 1

The Sex Education You Deserve

Session 2

Identifying Your Unique Fertile Window

Session 3

Follow Up and Review Your FAM Charts

Let's Connect

Sister, the time is now for you to reconnect with your womb and your fertility. You hold the sacred wisdom of choosing when and when not you would like to conceive.

Laura Ellen Smith - Holistic Pregnancy Coach


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You might have some questions about fertility awareness method...

Absolutely not. Unfortunately, many people, including doctors and even Planned Parenthood, group Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and the Rhythm Method together. The common misunderstanding happens because both FAM and the Rhythm Method fall under a larger group called Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs). FABM’s include many different forms of natural birth control, some that are effective and many that are not. When we group them together like this, the average success rate for contraception is dramatically lowered. When you visit your GYNO’s office, check the “Methods of Birth Control” chart, and you will see at the bottom that they are referring to Fertility Awareness Based Methods, not Fertility Awareness Method.

The type of Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) I use is called Sympto-thermal method. It is 99.6% effective at preventing pregnancy when used properly. That means less than 1% of women using Fertility Awareness Method properly will actually have an unwanted pregnancy. If you are interested in learning more about the efficacy of FAM please visit this resourceful website.

No. There are a few things you can start forming a habit of while on birth control, such as tracking Basal Body Temperature(BBT) and cervical fluid, to prepare you for when you decide to go off of it. However they can NOT be used to accurately determine the fertile window while on birth control. This is because you do not actually ovulate on birth control and many women no longer secrete cervical fluid.

Some of my favorite resources for ditching birth control are: Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. The Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles & Optimize Your Fertility by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack.

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