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My Birth Offerings

Quantum Birthkeeper

Are you ready to claim your sovereignty and birth your baby on your own terms? As a quantum birthkeeper, I value the wisdom of the undisturbed birth and trust your ability to birth your baby fully.

Home Birth Doula

Are you ready to feel supported in your birth and trust this sacred process? As a home birth doula, my job is to support you in feeling educated, prepared, and supported for your physiological birth.

Postpartum Doula

Are you ready to feel nourished and rested during your postpartum? As a postpartum doula, my goal is to nourish you, so that you can fully integrate this new journey with your baby.

Pregnancy Coaching

Are you ready to feel grounded and intuitively connected throughout your pregnancy? As a pregnancy coach, I will help you navigate fears and reconnect you with your inner wisdom.

"We don't lack caregivers, we lack deeply connected women who can hold space, accompany and not interfere."

Whapio Bartlett
Founder of The Matrona

My Inuitive Truths

Above all, I believe you CAN birth your baby

Since the beginning of mankind, women have birthed their babies. You’re living proof! Your physiology as a woman was perfectly curated for you to bring your baby safely into the world, the same way it created it. Your body was intelligently designed to conceive, nourish, grow and birth your baby earthside. Your body will not grow a baby that is “too big” and will not grow a baby that it can not birth. While this belief does not guarantee the outcome of your birth, I hope that it fills you with the confidence to trust that your body is not broken. In fact, you are pure living magic and you and your body are powerful. You absolutely have the power within you to birth your baby.

An Undisturbed birth is the “safest” form of birth

An undisturbed birth is a self-directed birth. In an undisturbed birth, your intelligent hormonal matrix is given the chance to guide you and your baby through the experience of labor and birth. When undisturbed, you will not only feel safe, but you’ll also have the privacy and trust you desire from others. You’ll have the space to go inward, to intuitively move your body the way you need to, to transform pain into sensation, and to allow your oxytocin levels to rise naturally. When the birth space is disturbed, risks increase for both mother and baby, simply because oxytocin can’t flow. In fact, many of the things feared in birth are most often the result of a mother feeling disturbed.

You should give birth where YOU feel safest

It is time to bring your focus back to you and your baby – no one else. Feeling safe in birth is not just a good idea, it’s imperative to the birthing process. As with most mammals, if a mother is disturbed or feels unsafe, birth will simply stop. If you feel safest at home with a midwife, birth there. If you feel safest in the hospital, then give birth there. If you feel safest in a yurt deep in the woods with only your partner, then birth there! No, your partner does not get to decide where you give birth. Birth is not a shared experience, it happens to you alone. It is your job to bring your baby safely into the world. It is your partner’s job to trust your decisions, your intuition, and your body.

Hi, My Name is Laura!

I believe pregnancy and birth are sacred, natural, physiological experiences of womanhood, and ultimately that they are innate. In my work as a quantum birthkeeper, home birth doula, and pregnancy coach, I approach birth from a holistic and natural mindset. I walk with women as they embark on their path to self sovereignty and deepen their relationship of trust with their bodies.

With a background in multiple wellness industries, I offer modalities such as homeopathy, herbalism, breathwork, and meditation to support women in releasing their fears and getting clear on what they truly desire, so that they can go on to powerfully birth their babies earthside. I would love to connect with you and support you on your own journey!
Laura Ellen Smith - Mothers of Gaia Birthkeeping - Birth Doula, Postpartum, Coaching

Where do I work?

Online Coaching

For pregnant women who are outside of my service range, I offer online holistic pregnancy coaching! If you desire a natural birth on your own terms and don’t know where to begin, I might be the right woman for you! I help women deepen their trust of their bodies’ innate wisdom, release fears that no longer serve them and get clear on what they truly desire in their birth.

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Laura Ellen Smith - Birthkeeper, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Holistic Pregnancy Coach

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